Year: 2019

You Can Have Your Refined Grains and Eat Them Too!

The healthy way to start the day! Studies show that eating refined grains will not increase your risk of disease. You can enjoy up to six or seven servings per day of refined grains. Download […]

Don’t Refrain, Eat Your Refined Grains

There is no reason to cut refined grains from your diet. Enjoying up to seven servings a day will contribute to nutrient intakes of several vitamins and minerals, and dietary fiber, and will not increase […]


Shines New Light on Conflicting Dietary Recommendations April 8, 2019 – Washington, DC – A new study published this week in Advances in Nutrition,a peer-reviewed medical journal from the American Society of Nutrition, boldly substantiates […]

Think Refined Grains are Bad for You? Think Again!

Most likely you’ve heard someone say, “I’ve cut all refined and processed foods, including white bread, from my diet.” Considering the definition of refined means “free from impurities, fastidious, or cultivated,” it’s curious that refined […]

White Bread Just as Healthy as Whole Bread

Although many people claim that white bread is a poor nutritional option, recent research in Israel has found that the “always healthy” whole bread, is not. A new study found that both versions are equally […]

Take Your Pleasure for the Sandwiches to Another Level

Here some sophisticated proposals Famous chef Bill Granger Cringer recalls that the Strasbourg sandwich was a staple as a child: Tomato sauce and butter on sliced white bread. “Is not it terrible?” He says grinning. […]

School Lunch Sandwich

Children require adequate sustenance in order to fulfill their potential. Hunger, tiredness, and nutrient deficiencies may pose as obstacles to their academic performance. A sandwich is perfect for school lunches because it is a tasty, […]

Removing Bread from Diet Might Not Be the Answer

By Rocío Río de la Loza, Health Coach Did you know that by eliminating bread you are not necessarily eliminating gluten from your diet? Gluten is a naturally occurring protein present in wheat, rye, and […]

How to Choose the Healthiest Bread

There are an infinite number of breads, each one is different and has the necessary health properties for each type of person. Follow these five steps to choose the healthiest bread for you! Understand the […]

For Good Digestion: Bread

Bread benefits the digestive system in many ways; from promoting a good intestinal transit to the treatment of hemorrhoids.  Whole grain bread is good for the digestive system particularly for the following two reasons: It […]

Five Health Benefits of Eating Bread

Bread is one of the most ancient forms of prepared foods by human groups. Throughout history, especially after the industrialization of bread making, it has taken a few hits from the health and wellness community, […]

Eating Whole Grains Prolongs Life

  The English proverb “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” sums up the importance of healthy eating, but, are we aware that our food makes the difference between life and death? A study […]

Eating Bread has Great Health Benefits

Although it is often mistakenly suppressed from eating the moment a diet to lose weight is initiated, bread is one of the foods that make up the Mediterranean Diet, possibly the most balanced diet in […]

Eat Bread and… Lose Weight!

There are many people who choose not to include bread in their weight loss diets. However, nutritionists tell us that is a big mistake since bread contains fiber and carbohydrates which are necessary in a […]

Do You Know the Mediterranean Diet and its Health Benefits?

  The Mediterranean diet was declared Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2010 by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). It has been awarded such recognition because it involves “a set of skills, knowledge, […]

Do Not Be Afraid of Carbs, They Can Save Your Life.

Carbohydrates help cardiovascular health Many times when starting a diet some of the foods that are immediately eliminated are those that contain carbohydrates; However, it is important to differentiate those with low glycemic index, such […]

Carbohydrates for a Healthy Life

Contrary to common belief, carbohydrates are not exclusive to sugary, drinks, tempting desserts, or grain foods, but are present in many other healthy items including dried beans, carrots, berries, cauliflower, quinoa, milk, and yogurt. A […]

Bread Nourishes Us Like No Other Food

Although it is often mistakenly suppressed from eating the moment a diet to lose weight is initiated, bread is one of the foods that make up the Mediterranean Diet, possibly the most balanced diet in […]

Bread is Not Bad for Your Health, This is Just a Myth

According to the University of Harvard, whole wheat bread is made with flour that contains the three parts of the grain which makes it a nutrient dense food:[1] Bran: rich in dietary fibre, minerals, and B […]

Bread is Great for Relieving Constipation

Constipation is one of the suffering associated with modern life,it is not properly considered a disease and becomes difficult to identify. Children, elderly and pregnant women can suffer it; and can be temporary or chronic. […]

Bread in an Athlete’s Diet

Athletes can find that bread is an excellent source of carbohydrates to help complement their diet and exercise regime. To make the most of all the benefits that exercise offers it is recommended that you […]

Does the Bread Cause Overweight? False!

This is the most popular myth about weight gain By Rocío Río de la Loza, Health Coach Wheat has been consumed for centuries around the globe. Along with maize and rice, wheat is a staple […]

Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet

Foods like whole grains and extra virgin olive oil constitute the base of the Mediterranean Diet, which has been historically associated with longevity and good health.[1]The health outcomes of adhering to the Mediterranean Diet include […]

A Diet Rich in Fiber Fights Cholesterol

Despite the myths, in recent years bread has surprised scientists because of the many benefits it brings to health.Bread provides fiber and carbohydrates, favors good digestion, fights bad cholesterol and prevents cardiovascular diseases, so it […]

Are You Lacking Nutrients in Your Diet?

Feeling cold and tired at all times? Whole wheat bread contains nutrients that you may be lacking! Signs and symptoms of a poor diet: Malnutrition refers to a deficiency of macro and micro nutrients as […]

Benefits of Carbohydrates During Exercise

   Many foods, including whole grain bread, supply energy for an exercise routine and help us staying healthy and fit. Carbohydrates provide energy for the muscles: When we engage in moderate physical activity or practice […]