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Welcome to the Grain Foods Foundation

Welcome to the Grain Foods Foundation.

At a time when the nutrition debate has taken center stage on the public agenda and Americans have been inundated with conflicting nutritional science, healthy doses of fact-based information are sorely needed. Grain Foods Foundation is the only group of thought leaders and scientific experts who advocate for grains equality using science-based evidence to prove that both whole and refined grain foods are part of a healthy and happy diet and lifestyle.

GFF is committed to nutrition education programming that is firmly rooted in science. Working together with our Scientific Advisory Board, a multidisciplinary cross-section of nationally recognized nutrition and healthcare experts, GFF is a strong advocate for its members and serves as a resource for consumers and the media who want to learn more about the role of grains in a well-balanced eating pattern. 

GFF offers research-based information and resources to members, partners, influencers, policymakers, and consumers through a comprehensive communications campaign, conferences, webinars, research tools, social media, and more. GFF is committed to bringing fact-based information and common sense to the consumer.

The Foundation is directed by a board of trustees, and its funding is provided through voluntary donations from private grain-based companies, supplemented by industry associations.


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