Removing Bread from the Diet May Cause Nutritional Deficiencies and a Lack of Energy

High fiber health food

Contrary to what many people believe, eliminating certain foods from the diet may bring more negative consequences than health benefits. A clear example of this is the consumption of bread, which supplies a great variety of nutrients for the body and provides energy to stay active throughout the day.

Removing bread from a meal plan while expecting to shed some pounds and experience an instant increase in your overall wellbeing is just a myth. Science has proven the idea of a “bread-free diet equaling weight loss” to be a widely held misconception.

These are some of the benefits that bread consumption can bring you:

  • Longer lasting energy: Bread is high in carbohydrates, which supply energy for our daily activities and act as fuel storages for athletes and anyone engaged in regular exercise, delaying fatigue.
  • Promotes optimum digestion: Bread is considered a cereal-grain food and it stands out for its high content in dietary fiber, which supports intestinal health and results ingood digestion.
  • Assists weight loss: According to a study from the University Hospital La Paz(Hospital Universitario La Paz) bread is recommended as part of a weight loss diet. Whole grain bread has the power to increase satiety, which in turn decreases the consumption of other foods, aiding weight loss.
  • Fights cardiovascular disease: Research from The University of Barcelona(Universtat de Barcelona) showed that bread consumption reduces the levels of bad cholesterol (LDL). Thus, as part of a balanced diet, bread may improve cardiovascular health.
  • Effective against diabetes: Fiber present in bread helps maintain blood sugar levels and provides a steady stream of insulin. In addition, whole grain bread generally has a lower glycemic index, which also helps prevent glucose spikes.

In light of the above, it is estimated that eliminating bread from the diet is a mistake that could be detrimental to your health, due to the unique health benefits that bread offers.