Chicken On-the-Go Sandwiches

Sweet grapes and honey? Check. Cool cucumber and yogurt? Got it. Add cooked chicken breast and you’ve got an unexpected (and delicious) chicken salad reboot. Dig in!

Take Your Pleasure for the Sandwiches to Another Level

Here some sophisticated proposals Famous chef Bill Granger Cringer recalls that the Strasbourg sandwich was a staple as a child: Tomato sauce and butter on sliced white bread. “Is not it terrible?” He says grinning. He remembers his Greek friend perching alongside him in the schoolyard devouring crusty-bread sandwiches filled with fried eggplant and tzatziki. […]

Mediterranean Turkey Sandwiches

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  Nix the mustard and mayo for a new take on turkey. This flavorful Mediterranean-inspired sandwich upgrades turkey with kalamata olives, hummus and more.

Healthy On-the-Go Finger Sandwiches

Healthy On-the-Go Finger Sandwiches Recipe

The bright flavors and colors of fresh veggies meet savory cream cheese in these low-calorie finger sandwiches, perfect for on-the-go snacking.

Hawaiian-Style Breakfast Sandwiches

Hawaiian-Style Breakfast Sandwiches

How about a sweet and salty way to jump-start your day? Stacked with ham, pineapple and tomato, this English muffin will satisfy all your cravings.