Grain Deep Dive

Grain Deep Dive

Grain foods are one of the major food groups as part of an overall healthy eating plan. When you think about a meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner, you should aim to have about one-quarter of that meal coming from grain foods. Learn more about the nutritional benefits of grain foods in the resources below.
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deli meat sandwich, shot at a wide aspect ratio with copy space.

National Sandwich Month: Building a Better Sandwich

Despite 42% of people saying bread is the most important ingredient in a sandwich1, many choose to opt out of using bread on sandwiches to ...
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Think of refined grains in two categories: Staples and Indulgences

Think of Refined Grains in Two Categories

What are Refined Grains? All grains are made up of three parts – the endosperm, bran, and germ. During the milling process, refined grains are ...
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In this rear view, an unrecognizable woman stands with a shopping cart in front of a shelf full of food in the bread aisle of a grocery store.

Bread Delivers Affordable Nutrition in Every Slice

Each time you visit the grocery store or a restaurant, you’ve no doubt experienced the impact inflation has had on food prices. While it’s easy ...
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Summertime Salads with a Grain Twist

Summer means spending more time outdoors with friends, family, and of course your favorite summertime foods! During these warmer months, nothing feels better than diving ...
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Photo courtesy of Mia Syn, MS, RDN

Men, How Many Servings of Grains Should You Be Eating?

Healthy meals and snacks can fuel strong bodies and minds for men – and Men’s Health Month is a perfect time to revisit your food ...
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Young woman eating a oatmeal after a workout

Grain-Based Foods = Quality Energy and Fuel for Athletes

To achieve their performance goals, athletes must maintain a healthy, well-balanced diet, including nutrient-dense carbohydrate foods. Carbohydrates are an essential macronutrient in an athlete’s diet ...
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Gluten free label on basket of freshly baked bread and buns. Copy space.

5 Healthy Gluten-Free Grains

Celiac disease is a hereditary autoimmune disease affecting the ingestion of gluten – a protein found in wheat, barley, and rye – and triggering an ...
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Picnic duvet with empty basket on the meadow in nature. Panoramic view. Concept of leisure and family weekend.

Build the Ultimate Picnic Basket

Pack all your favorite foods and head outdoors to soak up some sun! These old and new picnic favorites will make the perfect spread for ...
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In this rear view, an unrecognizable woman stands with a shopping cart in front of a shelf full of food in the bread aisle of a grocery store.

National Public Health Week: Grain Foods Help Mend the Gap in Food Inequity

For National Public Health Week, we are focusing on nutritional health and the importance of health equity. Children and adults need access to adequate amounts ...
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National Nutrition Month

This March marks the 50th anniversary of National Nutrition Month! Created in 1973 by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, National Nutrition Month is intended ...
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Top Myths of Nutrition from Registered Dietitians

While March is National Nutrition Month, making informed choices about your diet is important for every meal of every day all year long. Despite the ...
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GFF Valentine's Day Blog Image

Share Grains with Your Special Someone

Show your love this Valentine’s Day through the gift of food! These one-of-a-kind recipes are sure to have your special someone asking for seconds on ...
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Healthy high fibre dietary food concept with whole wheat pasta, legumes, nuts, seeds, cereals, grains and wheat sheaths. High in omega 3, antioxidants, vitamins. On marble background top view.

Heart Health & Grains

Did you know that the World Health Organization states cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death globally? Did you also know a 2015 study ...
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bowl with corn flakes, sugar and pouring milk

The Importance of Folic Acid

What is it? Folic acid is the synthetic (man-made) form of folate, a naturally occurring B vitamin. Why is it important? Folic acid is essential ...
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Full length portrait of senior black woman enjoying morning run in park, copy space

Calorie Burning Methods

The new year has started and so have the resolutions. For many, losing weight or watching what they’re eating is a popular goal to strive ...
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Intermittent fasting concept with a woman sitting hungry in front of food and looking at her watch to make sure she breaks fast on the correct time. A dietary modification for healthy lifestyle.

Intermittent Fasting 101

What is intermittent fasting? Intermittent fasting is best defined as a way of eating that involves extended periods of not consuming foods when a person normally ...
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Housewife prepares dough for Christmas gingerbread cookies by tearing the dough with her hands, close up with selective focus. Time before the holidays

Safe Holiday Baking Tips

The holidays are cherished for time with family, fun festivities, and delectable dishes. Due to the rise in popularity of baking and cooking during the ...
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Two female friends preparing food in domestic kitchen for thanksgiving celebration

Reinventing Thanksgiving Leftovers

Well-known for its gathering of family and friends, Thanksgiving is most loved for its array of the holiday’s classic foods. While it’s great sharing a ...
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