Celebrate National Sandwich Month with the Perfect Fillings and Toppings

August is National Sandwich Month and we’re sharing our favorite insights on how to revamp the ordinary lunch staple into a bite-worthy masterpiece. Choosing a bread Making great sandwiches starts with the foundation – whether it’s a crusty roll, whole wheat bread, a flavored flatbread, or any other bread base – the options are almost […]

Mac and Cheese Remix

Bowl of Mac and Cheese with chicken, corn and chives added.

First, let us start by saying Mac and Cheese is the top dog when it comes to comfort food and in no way does it need enhancement. However, there are no rules against making your comfort food extra nutritious by adding fresh ingredients like a veggie and lean protein. To celebrate the edible version of […]

National Picnic Month

July is National Picnic Month, and we are so excited to celebrate dining al fresco all month long. Check out our menu for a nutritious, balanced and family-friendly picnic. Before we get into the meat of the picnic menu, we can’t skip over the always important appetizer! Cheesy Taco Cripix Mix is easy to grab […]

Nutrition Tips for Men Over 50

As people age, it’s important to focus on the quality of the foods they eat. Our calorie needs (and appetites) dwindle as we age, so making sure you get the best nutrient bang for your buck is vital. According to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, older adults fall short on nutrients such as calcium, dietary fiber, […]

Cross the Finish Line with Grain Foods 

This year on June 1st we celebrate National Running Day. Whether you’re planning to hit the track, the pavement, or the treadmill, proper nutrition before, during, and after your run is essential! Let’s break down how to ensure a successful run with smart meal choices.  Before you can tighten your laces and head out, it’s important […]

Breakfast: The Key to a Healthy Metabolism

When it comes to boosting your metabolism, eating a well-balanced breakfast is at the top of the list.   Just like a car can’t run without fuel, our bodies can’t work at their best without food. To get your body going, start your day with grain foods – both whole and enriched – combined with other […]

Signs a Low Carb Diet Isn’t Working for You

A quick Google search for weight loss tips and you will likely see recommendations to reduce your carbohydrate intake. What those articles fail to realize is the overall impact carbohydrate restriction can have on your body long term.  Are you pregnant, an athlete or a senior? Pregnant women need folate, a B-vitamin most associated with […]

Cereal Mashups to Make Your Morning Magnificent

This year for National Cereal Day we’re going beyond just your average bowl of deliciousness with milk. We’re merging, combining, elevating, whatever you want to call it- the result is the same- two delicious cereals together for an epic breakfast.  The possi-bowl-ities are endless with flavor variety and nutrition opportunities through fortified cereals, milk, and […]

Better for You Cereals for National Cereal Day! 

If you’ve noticed cereal making a comeback, you’re not imagining things! In recent years cereal has once again become a breakfast staple, meeting the flavors and ingredients of all.  Cereal is a great option for busy mornings because it’s quick, affordable and can provide a healthy dose of important nutrients. Finding the right cereal for […]