Family Meals Month: The Importance of Making and Sharing Meals Together

In celebration of Family Meals Month, we’re highlighting the positive outcomes shown from families making and sharing meals together. Research shows that eating together as a family improves family connection, communication, expressiveness, and problem-solving . Seventeen studies also identified a positive relationship between a higher frequency of family meals and better nutritional status, food consumption, […]

Unveiling The Hidden Gems: 5 Lesser-Known Benefits Of Whole Grains

Co-authored by Charlotte Martin, MS, RDN, LDN, CSOWM, CPT and Elizabeth Ward, MS, RD Grains have been a staple in human diets for centuries, providing sustenance, nutrition, and versatility to countless cultures across the globe. While the health benefits of whole grains are widely recognized, there are several hidden advantages that might not be as […]

Refreshing Summertime Sandwich Recipes

As the end of summer is nearing, Americans are enjoying the remainder of their sunny days with family, friends, and fun – and most importantly food! With much of their time spent outside and on-the-go, sandwiches are the perfect meal to easily whip together and customize for any occasion. We’re sharing some of our favorite […]

National Sandwich Month: Building a Better Sandwich

Despite 42% of people saying bread is the most important ingredient in a sandwich1, many choose to opt out of using bread on sandwiches to cut carbs and calories. However, a 2017 study2 of children and adolescents showed that all grain foods, including breads, not only contribute less than 15 percent of all calories in […]

Think of Refined Grains in Two Categories

Think of refined grains in two categories: Staples and Indulgences

What are Refined Grains? All grains are made up of three parts – the endosperm, bran, and germ. During the milling process, refined grains are made by removing the bran and germ, thereby removing dietary fiber, iron, and many B vitamins. Milling the grain creates a finer texture that is more palatable and extends shelf […]

Bread Delivers Affordable Nutrition in Every Slice

Each time you visit the grocery store or a restaurant, you’ve no doubt experienced the impact inflation has had on food prices. While it’s easy to get down on the numbers, there is one pantry staple that still packs an affordable nutrient punch  – bread! A quick check of retail food prices found that the […]

Summertime Salads with a Grain Twist

Summer means spending more time outdoors with friends, family, and of course your favorite summertime foods! During these warmer months, nothing feels better than diving into a fresh salad chocked full of delicious fruits, vegetables, and nutrient-filled grains. These easy, grain-based salads have all the ingredients for a deliciously nutritious summer! Greek Orzo Salad Grain: […]

Men, How Many Servings of Grains Should You Be Eating?

Healthy meals and snacks can fuel strong bodies and minds for men – and Men’s Health Month is a perfect time to revisit your food choices. Nutrient-dense grain foods are a foundational food in a healthy diet for men (and women!). Grain-based foods are a main source of carbohydrates – the brain and muscles primary […]

Grain-Based Foods = Quality Energy and Fuel for Athletes

To achieve their performance goals, athletes must maintain a healthy, well-balanced diet, including nutrient-dense carbohydrate foods. Carbohydrates are an essential macronutrient in an athlete’s diet because of their ability to sustain energy during intense, endurance exercise.   Sports nutritionists recommend that carbohydrates comprise  60-75 percent of total calories in athletes’ diets1. Complex carbohydrates – bread, […]