What’s Your BBQ-IQ?

We all know that barbeque means something different to everyone. So with summer grilling season officially here, the Grain Foods Foundation and Chef Todd English have developed barbeque sandwiches sure to please every unique barbeque personality.

First, let’s determine what type of griller you are, by using the guidelines below. Once you’ve determined your BBQ-IQ, we’ve included two recipes below to get you started in front of the grill. Once you’re confident you’ve become a Grilling Guru, be sure to check out gowiththegrain.org for more BBQ inspiration from the Grain Foods Foundation and Todd English!

Veg-Head: For the vegetarians who always feel somewhat out of place at their family’s Memorial Day barbeque, Todd offers a healthy and delicious option that can be substituted for the ubiquitous frozen veggie burger.

BurgerDog: You know the type — “kids-at-heart” who can’t imagine anything better than the basics: a flame-grilled hamburger with ketchup on a plain bun. Getting BurgerDogs to break from tradition may seem impossible – but not so with this recipe.

Fair-Weather Grillers: Grilling is good, as long as the weather cooperates. For this group, there is definitely a season for barbequing. These folks certainly wouldn’t be caught holding an umbrella at the grill – or worse, grilling in the snow! Fair-weather grillers have moved beyond burgers and dogs.. to chicken and pork. In this recipe, Todd suggests ways to liven up the season.

Caveman: Fire is good! Barbeque is a year-long sport for this mostly masculine crowd. These guys invented the Man-burger and foot-long hot dogs. But as for the ultimate caveman meaty sandwich? Todd’s got you covered.

Grilling Gurus: The outdoor kitchen was inspired by this group of grilling gurus and food enthusiasts. It’s likely that these folks have every barbeque gadget and accessory, including special grilling holders and baskets for fish and vegetables. There isn’t anything this group hasn’t tried on the grill.