The Daily Six: An Easy Way to Go with the Grain

Living a healthy lifestyle is all about achieving a balance between mind and body, health and fitness, whole and enriched grains. The USDA dietary guidelines recommend six daily servings of grain foods, half of which should be whole grains. Grain foods such as bread, cereal and pasta provide many of the essential nutrients and energy our bodies need to stay healthy and strong. In fact, bread and grains help fight diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, some cancers and birth defects.

Figuring out how to incorporate six servings into your diet doesn’t have to be an added hassle in an already busy daily routine. That’s why the Grain Foods Foundation has developed the Daily 6 (linkto: this page), an easy and stress-free way to ensure busy consumers maintain a healthy balance. Getting in six servings of grains each day is easy: two slices of toast for breakfast, a sandwich at lunch and a cup of pasta for dinner. We’ve pulled together a day’s worth of recipes below to get you started.

In addition to the Daily 6 servings of grain foods, nutrition experts recommend at least 30 minutes of moderate or vigorous physical activity every day. For thousands of years, grain foods have fueled our bodies with energy to do anything from jogging and hiking to dancing with friends. There are many ways you can add physical activity into your everyday life:

  • Climb the stairs instead of taking the elevator at work
  • Park in the farthest spot away at the shopping mall and enjoy those extra steps
  • Play sports with friends – tennis, basketball and golf will keep you active
  • Take advantage of nice weather and go for a swim
  • If you’re near a network of trails, go for a scenic hike to clear your mind