Super Food

Super Food

A mix of white enriched grains and whole wheat grains provides optimum nutrition to you and your family. This variety delivers nutrients together that you can’t receive from just one, including carbohydrates, dietary fiber, several B vitamins (thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, and folic acid), and minerals (iron, magnesium, and selenium).

Here are a few mix and match scenarios to boost nutrition and make every bite count!

  1. Mix the whole grain version half and half with the familiar version. Aside from taste, versatility, and flexibility, it’s the permission to mix grains that maybe you hadn’t thought about mixing before. These easy tips add stealth nutrition, fiber and texture!

Make a sandwich fun. Use one slice of 100% whole grain bread and one slice of your favorite white bread. Cut the sandwich into quarters, flip half of the quarters and call it a “checkerboard” sandwich.

Pasta night? Combine half white pasta with half whole-wheat pasta together with your favorite sauce.

Making stir-fry? Cook half white rice and half brown rice and pair with your favorite veggies.

Mix a serious whole-grain cereal with a fun enriched grain cereal. Here are a handful of our favorite combinations.

Baking cookies? Ditch up to 50% of all-purpose flour and replace it with whole-wheat flour. Anything made with 100% whole-wheat flour will be heavy and dense, so it’s best to combine with white flour for lighter results.

  1. Swap in whole or partially whole grain versions for family favorites like pizza, mac ‘n cheese, hot dogs and hamburgers rolls to amp up the nutrition!

  2. Pair enriched grain staples with nutrient-dense vegetables, fruits, low-fat protein or dairy to round out the meal.

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