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Anemia prevalence may be reduced among countries that fortify flour

In a study examining data on anemia in countries that fortify flour (and those that do not), researchers found that every year a flour fortification ...
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Dietary fibre and incidence of type 2 diabetes in eight European countries: the EPIC-InterAct Study and a meta-analysis of prospective studies

Fibre intake is inversely related to the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and cereal fibre found in grain foods, such as bread, rice and ...
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Genetic gains in agronomic and selected end-use quality traits over a century of plant breeding of Canada Western Red Spring Wheat

Researchers compared wheat grown from wheat seeds dating from 1860 to present day. They found that wheat grown today remains similar to ancient wheat in ...
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No effects of a short-term gluten-free diet on performance in non-celiac athletes

A short-term gluten-free diet had no overall effect on performance, GI symptoms, well-being, and a select indicator of intestinal injury or inflammatory markers in non-celiac ...
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Cost of Nutrients Analyses Using the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey: A Focus on Grain Foods

The objective of the present study was to assess the cost of energy, nutrients, and related substances in the American diet and to define some ...
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Consumption of Certain Grain Food Patterns is Associated With Improved Diet Quality and Nutrient Intakes in US Adults: A NHANES 2005-2010 Analysis

We identified the most commonly consumed grain food patterns in US adults and compared nutrient intakes, diet quality (via Healthy Eating Index), anthropometric and physiological ...
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Modeling Changes in Daily Grain Foods Intake: An Analysis to Determine the Impact on Nutrient Intakes in Comparison to the USDA Ideal Food Pattern

Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGA) encourage increased whole grains (WG) and dietary fiber intake while limiting refined grains (RG). We identified how changes in DGA ...
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