Reinventing Thanksgiving Leftovers

Well-known for its gathering of family and friends, Thanksgiving is most loved for its array of the holiday’s classic foods. While it’s great sharing a meal with those you love on Thanksgiving, many people look forward to the day after the festivities, as eating the leftovers is an anticipated tradition. It may get redundant to eat the same exact foods for several days following the holiday, but with a little creativity there are endless ways Thanksgiving foods can be repurposed into appetizing meals. Here are just a few examples of how to revamp your holiday leftovers into delectable dishes:

Main Course Makeovers

Turkey is the star of Thanksgiving, but it can be repurposed into more than that plain post-Thanksgiving turkey sandwich:

  • This Leftover Turkey Wild Rice Soup is a great for making big batches and easy to freeze for later use, while also using grains as its base for added nutrition.

Spiced-Up Sides

The side dishes for Thanksgiving are endless, but the traditional options can be served in more ways than one.  

  • Stuffing is a staple for any Thanksgiving spread, but try it for breakfast the next day with these Leftover Stuffing Cakes – paired great with a sunny-side up egg on top!
  • As easy as it is to make, or take out of a can, cranberry sauce can be turned into quick and simple Leftover Cranberry Sauce Parfaits, layered with your favorite granola or other breakfast grain of choice.
  • Still feeling stuffed from the day before? Opt for a light snack of Leftover Sweet Potato Hummus paired with your favorite grain crackers to get you through.

Dessert DIY’s

While the variety of pies on Thanksgiving seems like a sweet treat, it is rare to see a full pie finished, therefore becoming a struggle to eat the same dessert for the next week.   

  • It may seem like there isn’t much to do with pecan pie, but consider this Leftover Pecan Pie Bread Pudding, which even incorporates your leftover Thanksgiving dinner rolls.

Thanksgiving leftovers don’t have to sit in your fridge – mix it up and discover what else your holiday meal can make!