Mac and Cheese Remix

Bowl of Mac and Cheese with chicken, corn and chives added.

First, let us start by saying Mac and Cheese is the top dog when it comes to comfort food and in no way does it need enhancement. However, there are no rules against making your comfort food extra nutritious by adding fresh ingredients like a veggie and lean protein.

To celebrate the edible version of a hug on this National Mac and Cheese Day we’re sharing our favorite ways to elevate your mac from a cheesy meal to a Super Meal!

Gettin’ Saucy

Make your cheese sauce even more delectable by making it with skim milk, butter, and olive oil. Looking for more protein? Mix pureed tofu in with the cheese sauce!

Veggie Delight

We can’t get enough veggies in our mac. Add canned black beans (drained and rinsed), diced tomatoes, chopped cilantro or a little jalapeño for a spicy treat. If spice isn’t your thing, no worries, canned veggies like green beans and corn make easy and delicious additions.

Bowl of Mac and Cheese with chicken, corn and chives added.

Protein Packed

No one said the cheesy golden deliciousness had to be protein free! We love adding canned tuna, chicken sausage and grilled chicken to our mac for added flavor and nutrition.

The bottom line? Mac and Cheese is delicious on its own but also a great vehicle for dialing up the nutritiousness when you add in extra veggies and protein!