Join the Grain Foods Foundation’s Bread Art Project

The Grain Foods Foundation and Food Network host Ted Allen have teamed up with Feeding America to help fight hunger – one slice of bread at a time. Consumers can take part in the Bread Art Project at, where they can create a personalized piece of bread art by uploading a favorite drawing or photo, or create a new one using a slice of bread as the canvas.

For each piece of bread art created, the Grain Foods Foundation will donate $1 to Feeding America, up to a total of $50,000. One dollar provides seven meals or four bags of groceries to one of the 25 million people served by food banks annually. The more bread art consumers create, the more meals Feeding America can put on the table for families across the country. Consumers can also view bread art from around the country and can check out some of Allen’s own designs as they take a virtual tour of the online gallery of giving. “Bread and grains provide many of the essential nutrients our bodies need to stay healthy,” said Judi Adams, MS, RD, president of the Grain Foods Foundation, “And this spring, they’ll also help put food on our neighbors’ tables.”

For those families looking for help with their own kitchen cutbacks, Allen has developed the tips and recipes below to show consumers how to stretch their dollars at home.

“Being frugal doesn’t mean sacrificing taste or nutrition in your own kitchen. Bread and other grain foods are nutritious and affordable, and should continue to be an essential staple in Americans’ grocery bags,” Allen said. “Plus, they just taste good.”

Please support the Grain Foods Foundation’s Bread Art Project at, and on Facebook and Twitter at GoWithTheGrain.