Regularity, Aging & Fiber

Constipation is a common gastro-intestinal complaint in older adults and is more common in women than men. There are some age-related changes in the gut that predispose older individuals to constipation, including decreased elasticity of the colon muscles, but diets low in fiber and water are bigger culprits than physiological changes.

Read below for facts and tips to ensure the proper amount of fiber needed in your daily diet to maintain regularity.

The Vital Roles of Grains in the American Diet

The Vital Role of Grain Foods in the American Diet

Grains play an important role in the American diet, providing much-needed nutrients, such as folate, fiber and vitamin E.
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Good in Grains Infographic

Get to Know the Good in Grains

Grains provide overall positive nutrient benefits that shatter the claim that grains are empty calories.
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Breeaking Down Fiber

Breaking Down Fiber: How Much Fiber is in Your Favorite Foods

Fiber is an important part of a healthy diet! Here's everything you need to know on fiber in everyday foods,
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Fiber Tip: Leave teh skin on fruits and veggies

Fiber Tips

Discover simple tips to work fiber into your daily diet.
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Questions about Fiber and Regularity


Get your fiber and regularity questions answered here!
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Daily Fiber Goals for Men and Women

Just the Facts

Most Americans are woefully short on getting adequate fiber in their diets. Learn the facts!
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