GFF Elects New Trustees and Officers

(Washington, DC, February 1, 2023)  The Grain Foods Foundation announced the election of the class of 2025 Trustees as well as co-chairs and officers on January 30.

“We are thrilled to welcome our new member of GFF’s Board of Trustees, King’s Hawaiian, who will be represented by Chad Donvito, as well as to recognize the reelection of three already-seated members of our Board:  Ardent Mills (represented by Angie Goldberg), Bimbo Bakeries USA (Lorraine Hale), and Flowers Foods (Andy Smith),” said Ms. Ball.  The four organizations comprise GFF’s class of 2025 Trustees, serving a three-year term, beginning this year. 

The GFF hosted its first annual all-investor meeting on January 26, at which investors gathered to vote on the Trustees.  Kelly Knowles, GFF Director of Development and Investor Relations, as well as Kirk Stehr (Grain Craft) and Ron Tremayne (AB Mauri), both GFF Trustees, addressed the gathering, and Ms. Ball spoke to the group regarding projects currently underway at the Foundation. 

The meeting on January 26 was followed by a Board of Trustees meeting on January 30 at which Board co-chairs and officers were elected. 

The new GFF officers are

  • Grain Foods Manufacturer Co-Chair:  Lorraine Hale, Bimbo Bakeries USA, VP and General Manager, Bread, Buns, and Rolls
  • Miller Co-Chair:  Angie Goldberg, Ardent Mills, Chief Growth Officer
  • Treasurer:  Jim Meyer, Italgrani USA, President
  • Secretary: Erin Ball, GFF Executive Director

“I am looking forward to working with our new co-chairs, together with the whole Board, to plan strategically and execute excellently in the year ahead,” said Ms. Ball. “I am also grateful for the tireless leadership our past co-chairs, Debo Mukherjee, Flowers Foods, and Kirk Stehr, Grain Craft, have provided.”

The Board also recognized the National Association of Wheat Growers (NAWG) as a Supporting Member of the Foundation at the meeting on January 30.  Supporting Members are those who share a common business interest with GFF investors to advocate and advance positive messages on the nutritional value and health benefits of grain-based foods.  Admission as a Supporting Member is determined by GFF’s Board, and these members may participate in GFF activities but do not have voting rights.  Due to NAWG’s tireless support of GFF’s work, the Board voted unanimously to invite NAWG to be a Supporting Member of the Foundation.  Chandler Goule, NAWG CEO, said of the recognition, “NAWG is looking forward to working with the Grain Foods Foundation again. We appreciate this recognition of a Supporting Member and are eager to continue working closely together to encourage opportunities to promote, expand and support the wheat industry and healthy grain-based elements.”

About Grain Foods Foundation
Formed in 2004, Grain Foods Foundation (GFF) is committed to science-based, grains-positive programming, bringing a drumbeat of communications about the role of grain foods in a well-balanced eating pattern.  GFF provides a comprehensive communications framework, conference participation, webinars, fact-based digital tools, and a robust voice on social media for GFF investors and the entire spectrum of health influencers. GFF is funded by grain foods manufacturers, flour millers, and members of the allied trades.  For more information about the Grain Foods Foundation, visit