Eat Bread and… Lose Weight!

There are many people who choose not to include bread in their weight loss diets. However, nutritionists tell us that is a big mistake since bread contains fiber and carbohydrates which are necessary in a healthy and balanced diet.

Further, medical and nutrition specialists have revealed something really interesting: you can eat bread and lose weight at the same time, but you must include in your diet the healthiest type of bread. Do you want to know what it is?

Dr. Felix Gomez-Guillamon Arrabal is a medical specialist in Internal Medicine and an expert in Nutrition at the USP Hospital de Marbella (Malaga, Spain). It is he who published an interesting book entitled “Lose weight eating bread,” where this interesting issue is approached. To understand a little bit more how this idea is justified, you only need to keep in mind these points:

Generally, when starting a weight loss diet the first thing most people do is quit eating bread. What does this accomplish? We lower our index of carbohydrates and fiber, our digestion slows down and we end up suffering from constipation. Not to mention a lack of energy as a consequence.

According to what Dr. Gomez-Guillamon explains, all of us need two basic elements to live: oxygen and glucose. Perhaps at reading the word “glucose” you think immediately in body fat. Well, some interesting accumulations must be made. Glucose is essential for our brain. This organ needs 20% of our energy and it is precisely glucose which feeds it.

When we eat bread, our body retains half of this glucose. One part is converted to energy and the other part feeds the liver. Glucose is important for this organ because it helps it to carry out many of its functions, however, the problem arises when there is an “excess” of glucose. When this happens our body tends to retain water, and for this reason often we appear bloated.

Bread, for its part, does not make us gain fat. The risk is in what we include with the bread and the type of bread we choose.

If we choose to do without bread in our diet, we will have less carbohydrates and less glucose. What does this mean? That, instead of losing fat, we will actually have less energy which will in turn reduce our muscle mass, the skin will become flaccid, we will suffer from constipation and we will have less glucose for the brain and liver. Thus, it is ideal to eat bread in a balanced way, always choosing the best.
In this way, our basic functions will be optimized and we will not lose muscle mass but instead we will love weight in a healthy way without the bothersome “flaccidness” of skin.