Do Not Be Afraid of Carbs, They Can Save Your Life.

Carbohydrates help cardiovascular health

Many times when starting a diet some of the foods that are immediately eliminated are those that contain carbohydrates; However, it is important to differentiate those with low glycemic index, such as those found in whole grains, and those derived from sugars; The first ones are beneficial to health, while the latter deteriorate it. Carbohydrates have been associated with good cardiovascular health.

According to the research titled “Association between a dietary index of carbohydrates and cardiovascular disease” of the Faculty of Pharmacy and Nutrition of the University of Navarra, 1700 volunteers who over 10 years regularly consumed carbohydrates with low glycemic index had 56% less risk of heart attack or stroke.

Scientists determined that it was essential to emphasize the quality of the carbohydrates consumed, avoiding as much as possible the intake of sugars such as those containing juices, soda and other products with added sugar.

In contrast, they highlighted the benefits of whole-grain unprocessed cereals, as well as vegetables and legumes.

In this way, the specialists emphasized the benefits of the Mediterranean Diet, which brings together foods of great benefit to the human body, including vegetables, legumes, vegetables and cereals.
Other benefits of this type of diet are derived from fiber, micronutrients, proteins and good fats, which together form an excellent source of nutrition for the body.