Grain Foods in Infant Diets Linked to Superior Diet Quality

A new study recently published in Nutrients highlights the importance of grains as part of a healthy infant diet – and the potential risks of excluding them. The study found grain consumption was generally associated with higher nutrient intakes, better diet quality scores and broader food group intake.  Specifically: Energy and Nutrients 6- to 12-months-old infants […]

You Can Have Your Refined Grains and Eat Them Too!

The healthy way to start the day! Studies show that eating refined grains will not increase your risk of disease. You can enjoy up to six or seven servings per day of refined grains. Studies show that eating refined grains will not increase your risk of disease. You can have your refined grains and eat […]

Don’t Refrain, Eat Your Refined Grains

There is no reason to cut refined grains from your diet. Enjoying up to seven servings a day will contribute to nutrient intakes of several vitamins and minerals, and dietary fiber, and will not increase your risk of major chronic diseases. This study found that eating 6-7 servings of refined grains increase Americans vitamins and […]

The Ingredients INSIDE the Sandwich – Not the Bread Itself – are the Leading Contributors of Calories, Fat and Sodium

Americans can significantly and positively impact their consumption of calories, fat and sodium by making more deliberate decisions about sandwich ingredients. By building a better sandwich on either whole grain or enriched grain bread, American children and adolescents can take in fewer calories, fat and sodium than they typically consume in sandwiches now. Sample better (model) […]

Grain Foods Pack More of a Nutrient Punch than a Caloric One

All grain foods contributed less than 15% of all calories in the total diet, while delivering greater than 20% of three shortfall nutrients – dietary fiber, folate, and iron – and greater than 10% of calcium, magnesium, and vitamin A. Download this infographic

Powerful Nutrient Mix

Grain foods are the foods we love that love us back – finally, we can enjoy bread again! The nutrient contribution of all whole and refined grain food products, including breads, rolls and tortillas and ready-to-eat cereals, can play a key role in helping American adults meet recommendations for underconsumed nutrients and nutrients of public […]

Grains on the Go

Grains to Go Infographic

If you have experienced the grumble of mid-afternoon hunger, here are some healthy options that will satisfy your cravings and get you the energy you need, when you need it Two brown rice cakes with two tbsp. of crunchy peanut butter Four homemade pita crisps with 4.5 oz. bean dip Four rye crisps with four […]

Grains are good for you

People who eat certain grains can consume more fiber, calcium, magnesium and vitamin D than people who eat almost no grains.