The Bread Art Project: Fighting Hunger One Slice at a Time

CHALLENGEHunger in our nation is an often forgotten problem. The Feeding America campaign educates the public about the impact of hunger through investment in marketing and communications, advocacy and cutting-edge research. A lack of awareness is the biggest hurdle in the battle to fight and end hunger. INSIGHTIn 2008, in the midst of the economic […]

Go with the GrainTM

CHALLENGE In 2009, as consumer interest in low-carb dieting and low-carb products wanes, a new movement was trending highlighting the importance of incorporating Whole Grains into a healthful diet. The release of the 2010 dietary guidelines, in fact, encouraged Americans to make half their grains whole grains.   At the same time, consumers were becoming more […]

Bread. It’s Essential

IN THE GREAT NUTRITION DEBATE, BREAD TAKES CONTROL. CHALLENGEChanging how Americans think about food is no small feat — especially in a media environment dominated by quick fixes and fad diets. In the face of the low-carb movement that took hold at the turn of the century and sent per capita flour consumption, and with […]

Grain Brain
Supporting Grains in a Gluten-Free World

CHALLENGEToday, the grain industry and our client, the Grain Foods Foundation (GFF), are faced with an insidious challenge. Armed with little more than anecdotal evidence and a provocative point of view, authors, experts and consumers have take aim at gluten, a protein found naturally in wheat and by extension in many of the products we […]