Bread is Great for Relieving Constipation

Constipation is one of the suffering associated with modern life,it is not properly considered a disease and becomes difficult to identify. Children, elderly and pregnant women can suffer it; and can be temporary or chronic.
The specialists catalog it according to the number of evacuations per week, for example, if you have less than three you are very likely to have a problem. Can occur after experiencing changes in schedules in the routine, stress, sedentarism, but mainly is not consuming fiber and hydrate.
This causes people to go to the doctor late, even only when there are severe complications, time in which they used laxatives, supplements with fiber or they were self-medicated but without positive results.
However, during these periods, people do not question or modify their diet, hydration and much less visit a doctor to check if they have other conditions that contribute to constipation, such as irritable bowel syndrome, diabetes or hyperthyroidism.
It is important to know that according to the Ministry of Health of Mexico, constipation can be prevented, so we must know the factors that contribute to its appearance as poor diet, lack of both hydration and physical activity, but not the only ones.
If you still do not have or want to prevent it, just follow some simple recommendations such as increasing consumption of fiber through fruits, vegetables and whole grains, consume enough natural water and exercise.
According to the European Food Information Council (EUFIC), whole foods reduce the risk of chronic conditions in current societies such as type 2 diabetes or constipation. They even recommend consuming three servings of whole grains a day.
To identify these products more easily we find that whole grains are brown rice, whole wheat, rye, oats, corn, barley.
One of the simplest and most effective methods to combat constipation is fiber intake, especially bread in all its varieties, although the integral provides the best results by taking full advantage of wheat nutrients.
More and more people are living with constipation, it is important to take the recommendation of specialists to adopt a healthy lifestyle, with well-established schedules, exercise and drinking water, but it is important to listen to the body when we detect that it is Medical review, do so immediately.