Bread Delivers Affordable Nutrition in Every Slice

Each time you visit the grocery store or a restaurant, you’ve no doubt experienced the impact inflation has had on food prices. While it’s easy to get down on the numbers, there is one pantry staple that still packs an affordable nutrient punch  – bread! A quick check of retail food prices found that the average bread loaf containing 24 slices are less than 10 cents per slice.

Bread is not only affordable but also packed with vital nutrients. MyPlate recommends adults enjoy, on average, 5-10 ounces of grains each day. One slice of bread counts as 1 ounce-equivalent of the daily recommended grains intake. Grains and grain-based foods are the largest source of dietary fiber in Americans’ diets – yet  95% of people don’t get enough fiber each day. Grain foods also deliver nearly one-third (31%) of Americans’ daily intake of:

  • folate – a B vitamin that’s fortified in enriched grains (not whole grain) products
  • iron – a mineral that helps blood cells carry oxygen
  • thiamin – a B vitamin that helps convert food to energy to fuel cells of the body.

Looking at breads, rolls, and tortillas specifically, those foods are responsible for approximately:

  • 12-13% of total dietary fiber
  • 15-16% of folate
  • 12-13% of iron
  • 8-9% of calcium, and
  • 7-8% of magnesium per day

…all of which are identified as shortfall nutrients in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

As we continue to navigate increasing food prices, it’s reassuring to know that a nutritious pantry staple like bread is still an affordable and nutritious option for many people.