A Diet Rich in Fiber Fights Cholesterol

Despite the myths, in recent years bread has surprised scientists because of the many benefits it brings to health.Bread provides fiber and carbohydrates, favors good digestion, fights bad cholesterol and prevents cardiovascular diseases, so it must be present in a daily diet in which in addition to include other foods from the Eat Healthfully Plate.
According to researchers from the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Barcelona 275 volunteers who consumed bread routinely all showed low cholesterol levels and a healthier heart condition.
Bread, whole grains and cereals provide fiber and carbohydrates indispensable for the proper functioning of our organism, in addition its consumption nourishes us with aminoacids, vitamins and minerals, a whole cocktail beneficial for our health.
Contrary to general thought, eat bread is highly recommended for weight loss, according to the study “Comparison of the utility of two balanced hypocaloric diets with inclusion versus bread exclusion in the treatment of overweight and obese patients”, Made by the La Paz University Hospital in Madrid, Spain.

To obtain these benefits the specialists recommend to include in our diet the following types of bread:

Whole grain bread: The best option if you look for all the benefits that fiber provides.
Rye Bread: Provides the body with iron and vitamin B, one of the best options within the traditional bakery.
Oatmeal Bread: Among its qualities is the ability to lower cholesterol levels.