What part of a complete breakfast?

Huffington Post, 3/6/15 Authored by Dr. David Katz, he elaborates on a recent article from Bloomberg (that featured Kellogg’s) questioning the health effects of cereal.

The man who discovered thiamin

Slate, 3/6/15 This article is an adaptation from the book Vitamania: Our obsessive quest for nutritional perfection by Catherine Price. She talks about the history of vitamin deficiency and fortification.

Is it really safe to give babies peanut butter?

The Atlantic, 2/24/15 Reporter talks about latest New England Journal of Medicine study on peanut allergies More than 500 infants at high risk for peanut allergy were randomly assigned to receive peanut products (consumption group) or to avoid them (avoidance group). Overall, the prevalence of peanut allergy in the peanut-avoidance group was 17.2 percent as […]

Vitamin BS

The Atlantic, 2/26/15 The recently released book – Vitamania is gaining traction and in this interview with the author  – questions like whether humans need supplements if they’re getting nutrients from foods and if over-fortification is an issue are discussed.