Breakfast: The Key to a Healthy Metabolism

When it comes to boosting your metabolism, eating a well-balanced breakfast is at the top of the list.   Just like a car can’t run without fuel, our bodies can’t work at their best without food. To get your body going, start your day with grain foods – both whole and enriched – combined with other […]

Cereal Mashups to Make Your Morning Magnificent

This year for National Cereal Day we’re going beyond just your average bowl of deliciousness with milk. We’re merging, combining, elevating, whatever you want to call it- the result is the same- two delicious cereals together for an epic breakfast.  The possi-bowl-ities are endless with flavor variety and nutrition opportunities through fortified cereals, milk, and […]

Better for You Cereals for National Cereal Day! 

If you’ve noticed cereal making a comeback, you’re not imagining things! In recent years cereal has once again become a breakfast staple, meeting the flavors and ingredients of all.  Cereal is a great option for busy mornings because it’s quick, affordable and can provide a healthy dose of important nutrients. Finding the right cereal for […]

Perfect Pairings for a Perfect Valentine’s  

It’s February, which means everyone’s favorite holiday of celebrating love and relationships is upon us. For many people, Valentine’s Day is not complete without a fancy, multicourse meal shared with the most important person in their life. A meal made with perfect pairings for your own perfect pairing. In honor of Valentine’s Day, the Grain […]