Calorie Burning Methods

The new year has started and so have the resolutions. For many, losing weight or watching what they’re eating is a popular goal to strive for. Cutting calories is a straightforward process, but there are some hacks – and limitations – to look out for when wanting to burn extra calories. Methods One of the […]

Cross the Finish Line with Grain Foods 

This year on June 1st we celebrate National Running Day. Whether you’re planning to hit the track, the pavement, or the treadmill, proper nutrition before, during, and after your run is essential! Let’s break down how to ensure a successful run with smart meal choices.  Before you can tighten your laces and head out, it’s important […]

Signs a Low Carb Diet Isn’t Working for You

A quick Google search for weight loss tips and you will likely see recommendations to reduce your carbohydrate intake. What those articles fail to realize is the overall impact carbohydrate restriction can have on your body long term.  Are you pregnant, an athlete or a senior? Pregnant women need folate, a B-vitamin most associated with […]

Carbs & Exercise: Commonly Asked Questions

Why are carbohydrates under-consumed by active adults? Active adults often do not consume sufficient carbohydrate to replenish muscle and liver glycogen stores. The reasons include misinformation about carbohydrate nutrition and inadequate understanding of basic sports nutrition concepts. Carbohydrate is unique in that it is used to fuel endurance or aerobic exercise and it is the […]

Carbs & Exercise: Just the Facts

Weightlifting brain

Why we need carbohydrates for exercise Carbohydrate plays a crucial role in exercise by providing fuel to produce adenosine triphosphate (ATP) for working muscles. Carbohydrates are unique in that they can be stored in muscles and the liver as glycogen for an internal source to fuel exercise, and can also be consumed during exercise to […]

Grains on the Go

Grains to Go Infographic

If you have experienced the grumble of mid-afternoon hunger, here are some healthy options that will satisfy your cravings and get you the energy you need, when you need it Two brown rice cakes with two tbsp. of crunchy peanut butter Four homemade pita crisps with 4.5 oz. bean dip Four rye crisps with four […]