New Study Disproves “Fast Carbs Make You Fat” Claim

In-depth analysis shows dietary glycemic index not a determinant of weight gain or loss.    August 12, 2021 – Washington, DC – A study recently published in Advances in Nutrition, a peer-reviewed nutrition journal from the American Society for Nutrition, concludes that high-glycemic (high-GI) foods (often called “fast carbs”) are no more likely than low-GI […]

Experts Agree: Essential to Healthy Diet, Refined Grains Help Combat Nutrient Deficiency

Review of data highlights benefits of consumption, need for continued research and improved messaging April 6, 2021 – Washington, DC – A new study recently published in Current Developments in Nutrition, a peer-reviewed medical journal of nutritional science, highlights the importance of including refined grains as part of a healthy diet – and, more importantly, […]